Camlytico provides accurate assessment of who your customers are and how they interact with your real-world marketing space.

Our technology provides intelligent and detailed data, providing you with a clear picture of your visitor’s behavior. You’ll have information on traffic flow, dwell time, age range, gender, emotion, and more.


Attendance and sales numbers are no longer sufficient in providing brands the information needed to continue expensive on-ground marketing efforts.

You need detailed information on footpaths, flow patterns, dwell time, visitor age and gender, and emotion. Camlytico provides this refined information and more via our Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies.


Camlytico provides you detailed reports on the information you need to build better, more profitable real-world sales environments.

You receive information on:

Who has visited your environment including age range, gender, and other characteristics.

Head Counts
See real-time traffic flows, foot paths, stopping points, and dwell times.

Learn the emotions each area of your display elicits. Happy, sad, surprised… confused, calm, etc.


Camlytico technology is useful in any application in which you need to understand who your customer is, how they interact with your brand, and how they move through your space.

Experiential Marketing, Exhibitions and Trade Shows, Retail Space, Public Spaces, etc.


Camlytico leverages Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies to analyze video content of your real-world brand space.

Computer Vision

Computers that “see”. Computer vision extrapolates data from digital images and video.

Video Analytics
Analytics include multiple algorithms that perform facial analysis, providing a high level of consumer engagement information.

Machine Learning
Camlytico leverages deep learning technology to provide brands with proactive marketing data.

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