Understand how people interact with your brand space.

Camlytico adds the “brains” (analytics) to the “eyes” (cameras) by leveraging Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies to analyze how people move through your real-world marketing environments so that you can provide richer experiences to your customers and maximize your ROI.

By analyzing video content, extracting metadata, and performing detailed algorithms, Camlytico provides detailed intelligence via a simple online client portal.


Facial Recognition video analytics include multiple algorithms that perform facial analysis to provide a higher level of consumer engagement information and ROI at real-world marketing events like trade shows, retail environments, and on-ground brand experiences.

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Computer Vision

Machines that see. We’ve built intelligent systems that obtain information from multi-dimensional data like video.

Video Analytics

Camlytico systems analyze video data to build reports on information you need to build better real-world marketing environments.

Machine Learning

Camlytico leverages deep learning technology developed by Amazon to provide brands with proactive marketing data.

Camlytico - Camera Analytics Company

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